OakwellManagement Services Limited

Consultancy and Training for Improvement

Our consultancy staff, who all have practical industrial experience, are specialists in the field of Quality Management, strategic organisational development, supply chain development, engineering consultancy enabling them to work with clients both in the UK and overseas.

Experience has shown that to be effective, consultancy and training must not only be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and the individual participants, but must also provide practical guidance for implementation in the actual workplace.

We provide professional, practical and approachable help to both large and small organisations, whether in the public or private sector. This is achieved by presenting information, both verbal and documented, in a readily understandable form.Our diverse experience within a wide variety of industrial and commercial sectors enables us to ensure integration with other initiatives, which may be taking place in the organisation. This is essential if improvement activities are to be seen as a coherent and focused whole, and not as a series of disjointed inputs.



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