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Bendabit Limited

Bendabit Limited are manufacturers of lighting kits for farming vehicles that are imported from China and Japan, making them road legal for UK roads. A small business that has been in existence for 20 years but struggling to keep investing in new products as costs are spiralling out of control for all the products purchased, and little idea of where to look for new suppliers, or indeed having the time to.

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Kosine is a research and development company established in 2004 that specialises in short-run plastic injection moulding projects. Assisting many local entrepreneurs and inventors to move their ideas forward, Kosine has focused on finding ways to produce saleable quality parts at the lowest possible costs.

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Branston Engineering

Branston Engineering are specialists in CNC turning, CNC Milling and Steel Fabrication. The challenge was to source a warehouse and stock control software package suitable to their size and needs, from a large number of potential suppliers.

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Pretorian Technologies

Pretorian Technologies are; designers, developers, and manufacturers of computer input and related devices for industrial & commercial applications, special educational needs, and for users with disabilities. They have over forty years’ experience in the design of trackballs, The challenge was to source a production management software solution appropriate to their size and needs, from a large number of potential suppliers.

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Securiti Limited

Securiti Limited are a company who manufacture metal vehicle security products primarily for caravans, trailers and motor homes. On site activities include, metal cutting, machining, welding, packaging, assembly and despatch. As well as these operational issues, design is a key function of the Boston facility, as it is essential to continually develop security products to stay at least one step ahead of the criminal fraternity.

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