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Branston Engineering

SUSTAIN Lincolnshire is an initiative led by Lincolnshire County Council to promote and support resource efficiency amongst small and medium enterprises in Lincolnshire. This case study and our online information are intended to help manufacturers become more resource efficient, avoid unnecessary costs, make savings, whilst maintaining a sustainable theme.

Becoming smarter in the way a company carries out its purchasing of products and services will have a direct effect on profitability, and create a much better awareness in the sustainable use of resources, thus reducing waste in process, material and services.

Smart and Sustainable Purchasing advice is being delivered by Oakwell Management Services Limited as part of Lincolnshire County Councils SUSTAIN Lincolnshire Programme. For further information and support contact SUSTAIN Lincolnshire on 01522 589964 or email ray@oakwellmanagement.co.uk.

Success stories – reducing costs and increasing profits …

Business challenge

Branston Engineering are specialists in CNC turning, CNC Milling and Steel Fabrication

The challenge was to source a warehouse and stock control software package suitable to their size and needs, from a large number of potential suppliers.

How did we help?

Analysis and consultancy advice to save costs

Oakwell provided a free assessment of their operational and warehouse requirements for this. A study of the companies’ supplies, stores, and production was made.  Although the recording system was found not to be complex the current spreadsheet and PC does require updating.

Key achievements

A matrix summary sheet of the client’s specification requirements was drawn up in which the key required components were; listed, grouped, and a score weighting made for overall evaluation purposes.  Discussion with the client identified the cost budget expected with the level of support.

Supplier market research identified a shortlist of potential software packages within budget and fitting the criteria requirements, to which the weighted score produced a recommendation.

What they did…

  • Reviewed the suppliers on the list to the specification matrix match.
  • Compared these offerings and recommendations to their previous software searches, and continued to add and revise the shortlist.
  • Downloaded and tested supplier demos and proceeding with the most promising offering.

Feedback – what they said…

Branston Engineering said;

“Just to let you know that we finally decided on a new system.

We have gone for a system called Job Pro.

Essentially this is of American origin but is anglicised and sold by a subsidiary based in Ireland.

The system itself is based on a database programme called Filemaker.

We have gone for this for several reasons, basically it does what we want to do, be it of course in a different way to our existing Pegasus system, some parts are better some are a bit of a pain. It in addition has an excellent CRM function, we never thought about this but seeing how it works made us realise the advantages.

It is not expensive at around Euro 1,000. You can buy support by the hour rather than getting into a support contract that you might never use. The system  can be customised to an extent be it that major changes have to be done by the distributor and are charged for but not at unreasonable rates or you can do a small amount of customisation yourself.

But probably the major reasons are that you can download a fully functioning demo system that runs for a month giving plenty of time to play around and also there are numerous video tutorials on the internet. Also the Irish guys are not at all pushy.

Time will tell if it is the right decision.

Just thought I would let you know the outcome after your efforts.”

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