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Pretorian Technologies

SUSTAIN Lincolnshire is an initiative led by Lincolnshire County Council to promote and support resource efficiency amongst small and medium enterprises in Lincolnshire. This case study and our online information are intended to help manufacturers become more resource efficient, avoid unnecessary costs, make savings, whilst maintaining a sustainable theme.

Becoming smarter in the way a company carries out its purchasing of products and services will have a direct effect on profitability, and create a much better awareness in the sustainable use of resources, thus reducing waste in process, material and services.

Smart and Sustainable Purchasing advice is being delivered by Oakwell Management Services Limited as part of Lincolnshire County Councils SUSTAIN Lincolnshire Programme. For further information and support contact SUSTAIN Lincolnshire on 01522 589964 or email ray@oakwellmanagement.co.uk.

Success stories – reducing costs and increasing profits …

Business challenge

Pretorian Technologies are; designers, developers, and manufacturers of computer input and related devices for industrial & commercial applications, special educational needs, and for users with disabilities.

They have over forty years’ experience in the design of trackballs,

The challenge was to source a production management software solution appropriate to their size and needs, from a large number of potential suppliers.

How did we help?

Analysis and consultancy advice to save costs

Oakwell provided a free assessment of their operational system requirements.

A study of the companies’ supplies, stores, and production work flow was made.  It was evident that the company had outgrown its current spreadsheet recording process and required a professional supported production management software system to manage the production workflow.

Key achievements

A matrix summary sheet of the client’s specification requirements was drawn up in which the key required components were; listed, grouped, and a score weighting made for overall evaluation purposes.  Discussion with the client identified the cost budget expected with the level of support.

Supplier market research identified a shortlist of potential software packages within budget and fitting the criteria requirements, to which the weighted score produced a recommendation.

What they did…

• Reviewed the suppliers on the list to the specification matrix match.

• Compared these offerings and recommendations to their previous software searches, and continued to add and revise the shortlist.

• Downloaded and tested supplier demos and met with most promising offering.

Feedback – what they said…

Pretorian Technologies said;

“We had the chap from Factory Master in on Monday to give us a demo. We were very impressed indeed- it can do everything we want from it including (to my surprise) the ability to issue serial numbers for our products at time of manufacture and facility to scan them in when we pick the orders. Furthermore we can even keep our existing serial number format. It was such a good fit I now need to device whether to ‘call off the search’ and just run with this one,”

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